Linkronicity™ LINKS YOUR TRUTH and PURPOSE together to
  improve your personal and business c
ommunications goals for
easier comprehension of personal, career, and life GPS navigation.

                             Welcome to LINKRONICITY ...
                           Where Your Journey and Destiny LINK!

    A COOKIE! Your unique life is a time line.  This is WHY you will NOT FIND
    a one-size fits all coaching method here.

    LINKRONICITY is a sequence of events, which begin to happen the
    moment you are born.  Each moment that occurs, every action and
    reaction matter in shaping you into who you are.  It also has a domino
    effect on everyone around you at work, at home, in your family,
    friendships, business and personal relationships.  The life lessons have a
    ‘pattern’ and their own code of rhythm designed just for you in your time
    line.  These have set a link along your line of life as to how you deal with
    it as it is happening.  All events big and small add a link to your life - both
    the positive and the challenging are all for your destiny.

    Most of us go along life just living it not giving daily life much thought
    unless it is the past (history) or future (mystery) and that is when we start
    to think about life a little more deeply. Sometimes what is habitual
    becomes a ritual and this is where we fall into the trap of not seeing what
    habits prevent us from moving forward in every area of our lives.

    LINKRONICITY links your past with your present and your future goals
    together to help you understand that the present moment of where you
    may feel ‘stuck’ is linked for your life’s journey on purpose for a much
    bigger picture.  It answers... WHO AM I?

    For businesses, LINKRONICITY links your past operations with your
    present, to your future goals for growth in your short-term to long-term
    objective planning. Understanding communications internally vs. your
    external message is the key to success.  It is here I will help you dare ask
    your entire team the question WHO ARE WE AND HOW DO WE

    LINKRONICITY also addresses the “Why am I stuck?,” “Is this all there
    is?” “I’m feeling blah,” and “Why am I not happy?” issues affiliated with
    having a sig-alert where the human and soul are conflicted between the
    two spheres of daily living.  LINKS can be changed and transformed,
    reshaped and toxicity and residue of baggage from links which no longer
    work for you or serve a purpose can also be removed.  

    Whether you sign up for one-on-one private client coaching with me or as
    a consultant to work with your HR departments to help your employees
    function more cohesively, it's important to analyze everyone's "human"
    traffic jams and how they play into work, home and family, along with
    efficiency, productivity and effective communications.  

    Most of us get ‘stuck’ in life quarters.  Here are some of the most common
    sig-alerts on the highway of life:

  •        Graduating from high school or college - facing adult life
  •        Starting or ending a new job
  •        Starting or ending a relationship
  •        Death of a loved one
  •        Health & Wellness issues -coping with change and creating it
  •        Revamping a career
  •        Support for caregivers (child, elderly, disabled)
  •        Support for other coaches, advisors, guides to re-center
  •        Motivational needs for weight loss, fitness, or mind-body health
  •        Moving to a new city, state or country
  •        Getting married or divorced
  •        Work/Life Balance
  •        Having children
  •        Mid-life crisis
  •        Empty-nest/retirement
  •        Higher-Calling/Life Purpose Awakening ("I know I am here for               
          more but what?" Syndrome)
    LINKRONICITY recognizes the links, which make up your life and helps
    you make sense of all of the events in your time line with WHY you are
    here on this planet.  

    LINKRONICITY helps to alleviate the fear, worry, anxiety, AND STRESS   
    obsession of the ‘unknown’ factors which cause sig-alerts on your road
    of life so you can start working with your own LINKRONICITY which is
    sequentially your very own unique personal life code for existence.

    You were not born with an operating manual or a platform for you to
    explore...  until NOW!   

    FINALLY ... It IS all about you, at last!  You've waited a long time. Now the
    wait is over.  Learn how LINKRONICITY works by clicking on the HOW IT
    WORKS tab.

                              WELCOME TO LINKRONICITY!

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