My name is Stacey.  It is of Greek origin.  The name means: “Resurrection -Shall
    rise again.”  Little did I know, from the day I was born, my entire life’s journey
    would carry out this theme of constant resurrection and life reinvention.  

    I was born to war-generation parents.  My soul happened to choose a mother
    who would have a twenty-six year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, while battling
    breast cancer.  As her disease would take her away from me little by little and
    her memory faded, two things happened…

    She would be resurrecting her life each day starting anew, not knowing who
    she was.  Then she would ask me the question, “Who are you?”  While I
    recognized she would ask me this question due to the disease, she would be
    sending me on a lifelong journey of introspection and self-discovery.  I would
    spend the rest of the years of my life finding out the answer to that question.

    Was this an accident?  NO.  It was LINKRONICITY being born from the start of my
    life.  I would be planning and preparing for my life’s mission and purpose of
    being the creator of a service to assist others.  This is why I am ultimately here.

    I spent THREE DECADES in a career of entertainment, media, marketing,
    business development, promotions, writing, and production.  
    ( Acquiring an education earning an FCC License in
    broadcasting was just a mere pebble to cover the title of 'communication
    specialist' and student counselor... there had to be more. What went beyond my
    Marcom/Advertising studies at UCI certification was beyond consumer
    psychological behavioral consciousness feeding the WHY people act and react
    and respond. This was EXTERNAL Communications.

    During this time, I would sit in the humanitarianism and philanthropy pocket with
    every project or client I took on who was tied to a charity, cause or connected
    with making the world a better place with their own artistry or platform in
    education, information and passionate purpose of creative works in
    multicultural, environmental or awareness impact. This is why I was led here.

    Next came INTERNAL Communications - Holistic Health & Wellness and Nutrition,
    along with 20 years of applied Psychology and Neuroscience studies stirred my
    being trying to understand my mother's disease. With intensive application of
    metaphysics, biorhythms, PTSD cell-memory storage studies, Eastern and
    Western philosophy, behavioral change agent analysis and education in
    multicultural customs (Disney University training in international non-verbal
    behavior in guest relations), High Performance Leadership studies from Cornell
    University, rehabilitation, creative visualization healing,  automatic writing and
    other channeled symbolism,number codes, totems and visualization vibration,
    my pathway veered into another sector of the entertainment arts.

    Many of my clientele were Indie artists and talent in music, literary, art, theatre,
    film, television, production or non-profit events or product/services taking a
    stand for something.  Long before the term ‘indigo children’ became
    mainstream, I spent many years working the light-worker pathway as an artistic
    muse, providing services of counsel helping clients have BrainGASMs of their
    own.  My intuitive empath gifts were maximized helping like-minded artists who
    took the road less traveled to new directions.  "Higher purposes" began to
    emerge for clients knowing they had more to offer in their journey of making the
    world a better place and ultimately becoming fulfilled in the interim.  

    Throughout most of my career, I had many milestone benchmark ‘firsts.’
    This was not an accident either.  Coaching corporate business entities, small
    businesses and entrepreneurs required individual customization.

    Being a salmon upstream, taking roads less traveled against the grain was
    challenging trying to create visibility for many of my client promotional projects
    who were trying to break ground that had not yet been broken.  However, this
    journey was necessary because it would lead me to create LINKRONICITY, which
    would also be an upstream trek to communicate a new way of comprehending
    the pathway in a new age, which continues to turn over a new leaf.  

    What happened from this was not an accident either. How could I possibly
    articulate what communication is, had I not been an overachiever due to my
    imposed cultural stereotype to understand communication - total mind, body,
    soul, spirit, business, health, wellness, cosmos, and beyond this thing called

    LINKRONICITY seeds were planted enduring back-to-back deaths, learning
    through adversity, illness, loss, grief, and hardship.  Here I learned THE
    AFFECTS OF DIS-EASE and how what goes on in the PSYCHE manifests in the
    body - performance, illness and action beyond "Fight or Flight."  These were
    necessary events further unfurling the development of tools in order to make
    LINKRONICITY possible and comprehensive as the higher ascension process
    took a direct flight.  Transcendence to The Source came to light.   

    WHY did I have to go through this?  It was happening so I could become more
    educated on the broken health care system.  My family was being treated like
    "cattle" for diseases with a prescription here, a prescription there, never really
    addressing the ROOT CAUSE as to WHY their bodies were not functioning and
    the lifestyles lived were behavioral and habitual for survival - hence 'fight or
    flight' and no one ever got to the CORE of what was going on.

    When my mother went into remission from breast cancer due to her own
    Alzheimer's Disease 'forgetting worry' over losing a breast, like my finger on the
    pulse of an 'ah ha' moment, I realized that the mind had more power over the
    body than it was ever given credit to do.  

    Changing how we communicate with ourselves and with each other is the
    starting place for where change can occur. Where does this happen most?  The
    work place is the #1 area where we face "stress."

    What we "tell ourselves" has power. What we choose to believe also has
    power.  Because my mother's Alzheimer's couldn't remember the "NEGATIVITY"
    coming from other sources telling her she was doomed, she did not adopt that
    into her cell system memory to believe.  She got well.   So with this 'each day is
    a new day' she could CHANGE how she believe who she was.  She didn't have to
    DWELL in a place of her story. She didn't even have to subscribe to the idea she
    was a cancer victim at all.  Each day she could REINVENT who she was ... and
    start over.  If only she could have learned this before the Alzheimer's set in... I
    believe the lifestyle mental LINK tweaking shift could have done more to
    change her idea of WHO SHE WAS.

    With over 700 on-air interviews on multiple subjects on behalf of clients in
    fourteen different industries (of thirty-three worked) and ninety job titles, being
    asked a barrage of questions, it always came back to answering the question my
    Alzheimer’s-stricken mother asked…”Who are you?”

    It became clear that I had to be all of these things, not just one label to define
    what I could do to help people understand communication better,  in order for
    LINKRONICITY to come to fruition. I had to walk through the fire and pathway to
    guide others.

    This had to happen in order to fully relate, understand, and comprehend my own
    life links of purpose to create LINKRONICITY.  Without all of that experience, it
    would not otherwise be possible. As your life, business, career and spiritual
    coach who has walked her own talk, coming from the place of surviving the
    trenches, having seen it all from every level - I can now answer her question.

    I am Stacey Kumagai and through my own life reinvention and resurrection I am
    able to be your Linkologist, creating the life code analytics program and method
    for you to explore your very own LINKRONICITY.

My life story to becoming your
to help you... LINK YOUR LIFE
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