* Wellness Communications * Mindfulness & Awareness * Inspiration
    * Motivation * Improved Verbal & Non-Verbal Relating
    * Self-Acceptance & Understanding  * Compassion & Empathy
    * Deep Level Intuitive *  Diversity & Inclusion *  Global Movement
    * Understanding Purpose & Higher Self * Removing Obstacles
    * Creative Excavation * Interpersonal Conflict Resolution


                       OF ALL HUMAN RELATIONS.

    Whether you are an individual or a business, your daily world revolves around

    Every issue you (or your employees) have daily come from communication (or
    there lack of).

    BODY: Physical manifestation includes headache, fatigue, stress, fight or
    flight, illness, disease, muscle pain, insomnia, restlessness, nervous tapping,
    and weight gain.

    MIND: Mental manifestation includes brain fog, issues with problem-solving,
    memory, creativity blockages, agility in adaptiveness/flexibility, decision-
    making, attention to detail, efficiency, productivity and follow-through.

    SOUL & SPIRIT: Emotional issues include struggle/suffering, negativity,
    helplessness, lack of engagement, feelings of defeat, lack of motivation or
    inspiration, drive/ambition, feeling 'lost' or stuck.

    A crossroads in life and business is merely an inconvenient detour and all that
    is needed is simply to recalibrate a GPS system to get back on the road feeling
    as if there is some sort of direction or purpose for the direction.

    What happens next?

    Fill out the CONNECT form and you'll be contacted with a free evaluation.
    Please indicate whether you are a BUSINESS, an INDIVIDUAL or GROUP.

    Provide the most convenient time to call with your phone number and your
    email address.
    1) Free Evaluation/Discusson of Focus/Needs
    2) Diagnostic Strategy is outlined specific for your session
    3) We discuss goals/plans and moving forward

    * INDIVIDUALS:  Sessions are available in 1 hour and 90 minute time  
    allotments via phone or in-person (for Southern California).
     Phone sessions are available in the United States in ALL TIME ZONES.

    For intensives, 5-10 year life increments for deeper work are covered in
    blanket session work toward goals and self-discovery.  Services for
    INDIVIDUALS is inclusive of List of Services at the top of the page related to
    Personal Relationships,Career/Work, and individual interest in Dream
    interpretation, Past Life LINKING to Present Day Mission, Mind-Body Holistic
    Health and Deeper Spiritual Work.

    * BUSINESSES:  Integrated Emotional Intelligence Directive Communications
    proposals for internal departments within an organization and external 3rd
    party arms of support or outside teams for full integration continuity and
    strategic planning.

    Your Free Evaluation will collate the details of the strategy mapping.  I am
    available to fly to work on-site for term consulting to align with short-term and
    long term objectives based on consulting needs for teams, groups and
    individual coordination with management.  

    Linkronicity™ is designed to get clients back on the road to Mind-Body
    Wellness in all facets of Life & Business Communications.
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