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    * Inspiration * Motivation * Improved Relating Both Verbal & Non-Verbal
    * Self-Acceptance & Understanding  * Compassion & Empathy
    * Deep Level Intuitive *  Diversity Inclusion *  Global Movement
    * Understanding Purpose & Higher Self.

    Chronological age means nothing on the road of life. Therefore,
    connecting your life compass is a process as unique as you are.  No one
    is at the exact same place in life.  Some people have done a lot of
    introspection.  Some are merely in survival mode trying to tread water
    living life each day.  

    Depending on where you are on your life’s road trip, you have a certain
    level of life awareness in all areas of your life.  If you were to examine it
    like a pie chart, most likely you would see that some areas are more
    developed than others.  This is normal for everyone.

    Where we all tend to ‘get stuck’ is feeling the need that all the pieces of pie
    need to be the same size slice. While this seems like a worthwhile goal,
    life is not designed to be this way for everyone depending on the reason
    they are actually here on Earth.

    “Feeling stuck” means different things to different people.

    For some, it feels like an inconvenient detour and all that is needed is
    simply to recalibrate a GPS system to get back on the road feeling as if
    there is some sort of direction or purpose for the direction.
    For some, feeling stuck may be too overwhelming and more like a traffic
    jam with an accident narrowing down to a single lane in the pouring rain
    on a slick road.

    LINKRONICITY offers different session coaching customized to serve you
    based on your own needs of your individual situation.  Your life will be
    dissected in 5-10 year increments during the session (you will be sent a
    questionnaire and outline prior to your session in preparation).  

    Whether it’s a bump in the road or you’re needing the big chains on the
    tires to link you to your own life’s journey, there are many ways to select
    the session that fits your own needs.

    *** Custom coaching sessions and workshops can be created for small groups
    and parties, meetings and larger special events or Corporate Team Building.

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